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5 Tips to Take the Stress Out of Gift Giving

One of the many things I love about Back to the South Bling is you. I’m blown away by how thoughtful and generous my customers are with your gift-giving and desire to surprise someone with something special.  I’m also grateful that I get to be a part of your gift-giving journey. 

Many of you have shared with me whether it’s when we meet in person at local markets or through email, the toughest thing about gift-giving is remembering!  I get that. With all that you have going on, life gets in the way and before you know it, it’s someone’s birthday, anniversary, graduation, or Christmas.  By the time you do remember, it’s too late to purchase a truly unique gift, and you’re left with getting a gift card, like you did last time, the time before that, and the time before that. 

With the start of the holiday season less than 100 days way,  I want to share 5 simple tips to manage your gift-giving and be the person people are excited to receive gifts from and so that you stay sane this holiday season!

No stress gift giving


No. 1

Put it on your calendar

While this may seem simple, trivial, and obvious, do you have important dates on your calendar?  

For example, is your sister’s birthday June 25, and every year, a few days before her birthday, you find yourself saying, “Oh my gosh!  Kendra’s birthday is in three days! I haven’t gotten her anything!”  You go online to some of her favorite shops and everything is either sold out of her size or color or to get it in time, you have to pay for expedited shipping which is as much as the item you want to purchase or more than the item you want to purchase. 

Girl put it on your calendar!  It’s going to save you time, frustration, stress, and money. Why?  It will save you time because you know it’s coming, but placing it on your calendar means you’ll see it often and you won’t have to stop everything to try to find her something and/or running around the mall or online like a crazy woman. 

It will save you frustration and stress because you won’t beat yourself up knowing that you know when your sister’s birthday is every year, but year after year, you’re in the same situation. 

It will save you money because you won’t have to buy something for the sake of buying it so you aren’t empty-handed. It will also save you money because if you can find something in a short amount of time, you won't pay a ridiculous amount to have it shipped.  Since it’s on your calendar, you’ll shop early and have it early so no expedited anything is needed!

No. 2

Set reminders

Just because it’s on your calendar, doesn’t mean it’s going to stick out if you’ve got a busy schedule. Take advantage of those reminders and set some!  I recommend setting reminders 6 months out, three months out, one month out, three weeks out, and two weeks out. 

Yes, that’s a lot of reminders, but if you’re like most of us, when the reminder pops up, you either close it or snooze it. 

If you need to set more reminders than the ones I listed, do so. 

Gift giving tips


No. 3

Find out early

Keeping a running list or finding out early what those whom you need to get gifts for like is a lifesaver!  If you ask early enough, when you surprise the person with that item, the person will have even forgotten you asked!

No. 4

Shop year-round

I often hear my customers when I’m at markets say that there is an occasion coming up for which a gift is needed, but “it’s not until (fill-in-the-blank)."

Why wait?  Before you know it, that "until" time will be here and you’ll be in the same situation you’ve been in time and time again. See #1. 

No. 5

Buy supplies in bulk

Before I started BTTS Bling, I never had wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue, ribbon, etc. All the things you need to present the gift to the recipient. I would literally run to Target and buy all the packaging before placing the gift in the mail or going to take it to its new owner.  

I can't tell you how many times in the past I've wrapped a gift sitting in my car.

My husband would say, “Just give it to her in the bag.”  To me, presentation is everything and if you've made a purchase from me, you know just how true that is!

I started buying gift supplies in bulk when I caught sales and it saved me so much time, frustration, and money!  See…those three are back again!  See #1.

How to buy a gift

Gift-giving is good for the soul, both yours and the recipient. Make it easier and less stressful on yourself by following these five simple tips and watch gift-giving become even more fun!

If you struggle with remembering to shop for gifts, enter your name and email address in the boxes below.  You’ll receive an email each week with a friendly reminder about buying needed gifts, a list of ideas you need to purchase gifts for, as well as exclusive sales. 

Happy gifting, my friend!


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