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How to Create an Unforgettable Evening That Celebrates True Friendship

In our fast-paced world, you know what I mean, the flurry of meetings, dates, and deadlines that never seems to stop, it's easy to let our precious friendships slip through life’s cracks.   It's essential to carve out time to nurture and cherish our friendships; after all, they are there for us through the good and the bad! It’s time to reclaim our girl time (even if it’s just for one glorious night) for the ultimate Girls Night In. 

It’s the perfect opportunity to reconnect, reminisce, and remind each other of the special bonds we share. It’s more than just a fun evening; it's a celebration of friendship and all the beautiful, fun, crazy moments you've created together (and let’s not forget the moments we will take to our graves). So, let's dive into how you can host an unforgettable night that’s filled with laughter, and overflowing with love to let them know just how much you appreciate and adore them!

There are five things you want to consider when planning your Girl’s Celebration, AKA Girls Night In), setting the scene (think themes and decor), fun activities (which is totally optional), food and drinks (because is it really a party without these two?), personal touches, walks down memory lane (conversation starters).

Setting the Scene


Choosing a theme makes it easier to plan and can transform a regular gathering into an extraordinary celebration. I like to think of themes as my roadmap. It sets the tone.  A theme is going to keep you on track so you don’t go off in another direction like when you go to purchase a pair of tennis shoes, only to walk out of the store with two pairs of sandals and that pair of heels you’ve had your eye on for the past month.  We don’t want that to happen so make sure to have a theme.

Don’t stress about a theme.  It doesn’t need to be anything fancy.  It can be as simple as a Night in Mexico or Italy.  It could be an in-home spa night or a Vintage Hollywood Movie Night.


Decor Tips: You don't need to spend a lot to create a welcoming atmosphere. String up some fairy lights, lay out comfortable cushions and throw blankets, and use thematic tableware to add to the vibe. For a movie night, set up a popcorn bar with different seasonings; for a spa evening, have fresh towels and candles around the room.

Think cozy, chic, and utterly you. Whether it’s a Pajama Glam Party where silk meets sequins, or a Retro Movie Marathon complete with old Hollywood flair, pick a theme that sparks joy. Decorate with fairy lights that mimic stars you’d lie under, plush cushions for sinking into stories about heartbreaks and triumphs, and maybe even a centerpiece that sparkles.

If you're really struggling to choose a theme or want to create something unique, start by thinking about the interests and hobbies that your group shares. Pinterest and Instagram are fantastic resources for gathering visual inspiration.

Alternatively, consider the latest trends in entertainment, fashion, or beauty that might excite your group, and build your theme around that.

Planning the Activities

Choose activities that encourage bonding. Bring out board games that provoke laughter and friendly competition, or have a craft session where everyone creates something to take home. Bling parties are a great way to incorporate an activity that allows for much laughter and you have the opportunity to show off your creativity!  At the end of the night, everyone leaves with something special that will always remind them of this amazon night!

Another great activity is setting up a DIY photo booth with props related to your theme—perfect for making memories that last.  A corner draped in boas, hats, and sunglasses for snaps will capture the night’s magic, turning moments into memories.  You don’t need to spend a ton on this either!  A photographer backdrop stand works perfectly for this!  Don’t have one, you can find them on Amazon for little cost.

Creating Memories: Why not compile a video or slideshow of your friendship’s best moments to watch together? This can be a heartfelt highlight of the evening.  This can also act as the activity and the conversation starter because as you go through the video, there will be so much laughter and storytelling!

Food and Drinks

Because it’s not a party if there’s no food and drinks! Whip up some easy, delectable treats like spinach artichoke dip or gourmet popcorn.  Prefer to have dinner instead of hors d'oeuvres?  Keep it simple and create bars.  For example, have a pasta bar.  Offer 2-3 types of pasta and then all the fixings.  Whatever you choose, make sure your food choices allow you to focus on your guests, not the oven. And drinks? Whether it's cosmopolitans that sparkle with sass or lavender lemonade that cools the soul, ensure there's a glass in every hand.

Charcuterie for girls night

Snack Ideas: Offer a mix of finger foods like bruschetta, stuffed mushrooms, and sweet treats like chocolate fondue or mini cheesecakes. Prepare these ahead of time so you can focus on having fun.

Drinks for All: Provide a variety of beverages, including fun cocktails and mocktails. For instance, mix up a batch of margaritas or sparkling water with different fruit syrups so guests can customize their drinks.

Personal Touches and Conversation Starters

Add a sprinkle of extra love with personal touches. 

  • Friendship Playlist: Encourage the host to prepare a playlist with songs that are significant to the group’s friendship history.
  • Personalized Gifts: Show your appreciation by giving each friend a small personalized gift or goodie bag.
  • Photo Memories: Set up a DIY photo booth or suggest taking group photos to remember the night.
  • Gifts of Appreciation: Ideas for small, thoughtful gifts or personalized notes to give to each friend, emphasizing their importance and the memories shared.
Conversation Starters

As the night unfolds, bring out a box of conversation starters. Dive into "Memory Lane" with prompts like “What’s your funniest memory of us?” or “The most outrageous thing we did together was...?” And why not dream together too? Make plans for future escapades because the best friendships always have another chapter waiting to be written.


Are you a checklist/to-do list person like me?  If so, here’s a short high-level list of things to do for planning!

  1. Pick the Date: Coordinate with your besties to find a night that works for everyone. A group chat can be your best ally here.
  2. Send Invites: Whether digital or handcrafted, make your invites as charming as the night promises to be.
  3. Menu Planning: Choose dishes that can largely be prepped ahead to avoid spending your evening in the kitchen.
  4. Activities Line-Up: Depending on your theme, arrange the necessary materials and setup for games and crafts.
  5. Set the Mood: Music and lighting are crucial. Curate a playlist and adjust your lighting to enhance the theme's ambiance.

A girls' night isn't just another evening; it’s a celebration of enduring friendships and the special role they play in our lives. By taking the time to plan a thoughtful, fun-filled gathering, you're showing your friends how much they mean to you—something that's truly invaluable.

Here's to friendships, fabulous evenings, and more moments that make us say, "I couldn't have made it through without you." Cheers, ladies, to us!

Ready to plan the perfect girls' night in? Download my free guide, 'The Ultimate Girls' Night In Planner,' to help you create a night that's as fabulous as your friendships. This guide includes checklists, additional tips, and exclusive ideas to ensure your evening is unforgettable. Click here to get your free copy and start planning!

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