The Process of Blinging


The question I am most often asked is, "Do you really put each stone on one by one?"  If that is a question you also have, the answer is, "Yes."  I am a believer in quality over quantity, which is why I take such care and thought into each order I create for my customers.


When I started Back to the South Bling, one of the many decisions I had to make was what materials I would use to make the cups I sell.  What types of stones would I use?  What types of adhesive would I use?

To stand behind my products and offer a quality product, it meant using quality materials.  I chose to use authentic Austrian crystals and high quality glass rhinestones.

Industrial, non-toxic adhesives are used on your bling cup to ensure longevity.


Design: Once an order is placed, budget and design are discussed (custom orders) as well as colors. Once finalized, a design is created and approved by you. While most customers choose to only have a name added, other designs may be added to a cup such as flowers and animals.

Before adding stones to any cup, the cup must be prepared to take the stones.  Prepping involves sanding, cleaning, painting, and sealing.  



Each cup is measured and the number of rhinestones needed for each cup is calculated.  The number of stones needed varies greatly depending on the budget, size of the cup and the design chosen for the cup.


Placing each rhinestone onto your cup individually and creating a design that is unique ensures that your cup truly reflects your personality!

To complete a bling cup, a minimum of 6 hours is involved.

The only limit to your cup is your imagination.  The possibilities are limitless!

Are you ready to order your custom bling cup?