Cigar Tube

Welcome to the sisterhood ladies. Cigars are as much of a girl's night necessity these days as wine and whiskey, so why not do it in style? This tube is adorned with glass rhinestones- one for every woman you know who smokes cigars (or just loves sparkles).

The cigar tube is a perfect accessory that allows you to enjoy your favorite cigars, drinks, and friends in style. With each glass rhinestone individually placed enjoy drinking your whiskey, wine, mingling while laughing and spilling secrets on a girl’s night out!

Whether you're new to the sisterhood of smoking cigars or a pro, why not do it in style with these rhinestone encrusted cigar tubes?

A carry bag and one box of matches are included with your purchase.

Looking for a different color or want to personalize your single cigar tube?  Click here to order your custom single cigar tube.


  • This cigar tube measures 7” inches long with a diameter of 3.25”.   This cigar case will comfortably hold a 48 ring gauge.
  • The cigar tube is stainless steel.



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  • Gently hand wash with a soft sponge or towel with mild soap
  • Handle with care
  • Air dry


  • Place in the dishwasher, microwave, or freezer
  • Clean with abrasive tools, cleaners, or bleach
  • Soak or scrub
  • Leave in sunlight or heat