Temperature Display Bling Cup

Have you ever been excited about your drink, you take a sip, and suddenly you scream because it's too hot?  If that's a yes, then this Temperature Display Bling Cup is for you!

The Temperature Display Bling Cup is unlike any cup in the BTTS Bling Cup collection in that you can view the temperature of the cup on the lid from the display.  You can kiss all the tongue burns goodbye because before you take a sip, you'll know if it's too hot to drink!

The temperature is displayed in Celcius.  Not sure how to convert to Fahrenheit?  No problem.. Simply take the Celsius temperature, times by two, and add 30.  Note:  This method is not an exact science, but it will give you a temperate close enough to let you know if your drink is too hot to drink.  And isn't that all you need to know anyway?



The Temperature Display Bling Cups are available in black, blue, and red only.

While every effort is made to ensure that colors are accurately represented, Back to the South Bling cannot account for variations on individual devices so colors may be slightly different than portrayed on the screen.





Please allow 3-4 weeks for your bling cup's creation.



You will receive an email notification once your order ships that will contain your tracking number.

To learn more about shipping, please review theBack to the South Bling Shipping Policy.




    DO wash before use. DO hand wash ONLY. DO use for cold liquids. DO use for hot liquids (make sure to allow hot liquids to cool before drinking). DO use a soft sponge or towel to wash. DO handle with care. DO air dry. DO gently pat dry.

    DO NOT place in the dishwasher, DO NOT leave in sunlight or heat. DO NOT use abrasives or rough materials to clean. DO NOT place in the microwave. DO NOT place in the freezer. DO NOT soak. DO NOT Scrub. DO NOT use bleach. DO NOT overfill.